Promoting health and wellness, serving the urgent needs of the nelglect poor, and strengthening underdeveloped communities throughout the world. Thousands of families have been empowered by Medical Wings International volunteers that inspire opportunities to make life better for all the diverse cultures that we encounter. Medical Wings International, along with local aid and developing organizations take a full advantage of the airline industry and their gift of providing low cost transportation and local support to bring our volunteers, medicines and medical equipment to isolated regions of the world.


Medical wings international serves all people without regard for race, gender, or religion. Medical Wings International will bring medical care, hope, relief aid, and training for long term change for our global families


Medical Wings International seeks to become a leader in compassion. We are doing this by providing healthcare, promoting dignity, self worth, and bringing hope and healing to the world’s developing nations.


Desiring to follow the example of an old quote “It’s better to give than to receive.”

  • Love and serve others
    Willing to put the needs of
    others above your own

  • Be people of integrity

  • Be people of excellence in all we say and do

  • Be a cheerful giver from the heart no reluctantly or under compulsion.
Medical Wings International will select three youths for three individual International medical missions.

Building Bridges Across Continents

Frank Stanton,
Director/Youth at Risk Outreach Program

On our missions our Youth’s life will be enriched knowing they have made a difference in another’s life. The Youth will cultivate new friendships and have an elevated feeling of self-worth.

It is through the seeds sown in our lives that we can hope to lift up our YOUTH into the future ensuring that they will become competent, strong minded and compassionate leaders moving us to the next great achievement in this adventure. It takes one youth at a time, one place at a time. The ripple effect; one student here at home helping one child abroad, lifts them with hopes to benefit our global families.

MWI will use the standard criteria in the selection of our “Youth at Risk” participant.

Those selected must fall under these guidelines:
a. Low social economic status
b. Disabled
c. Academically disadvantaged
d. Single partner household


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