Medical Wings International is a nonprofit, self sustained 501c3 charitable organization, which began in 1998. We provide primary Health, Vision and Dental Care to children in developing countries, while also providing nutritional awareness workshops and educational courses in underserved communities.

Medical Wings International strongly believes that the current pace of advancing technology is shrinking the world into a global village, linking our fate with people in all corners of the un-served population of the world.

Our Future Generations Program provides high school and college students with a life altering experience to travel with our medical professionals causing a ripple effect of volunteerism.

Because children are the most vulnerable; MWI establishes long-term relationships around the world.  Offering hope, healing, emotional and empowerment support. MWI, along with its partnered organizations provide and bring volunteers, medicines and medical equipment to isolated regions of the world.

Medical Wings International and its hundreds of medical professionals and everyday working people donate their time and resources to educate people marginalized and rejected by society.

We believe that we should do as we say. The little extended hands of the world’s children and elderly are everyone’s responsibility.

Board of Directors Meetings:

Board of Directors meetings are held annually. Meeting location varies each year and will be announced as determined on this page. The most recent Board of Directors Meeting was held May 2013. To request a copy of meeting minutes please email us at


Glenda Johnson, Founder/President

Don Larney
, Vice President
Gretta Alvarado, International Executive Director
Anne LeDuc, Executive/Mission Director
Ivan Williams, Marketing Director
Miguel Casanas, Director of Dental Carei
Evonne Holloway-Reed
, Chief Financial Officer
Dr. John Cross, Director of Eye Care
Dr. Dee Schoemann, Director of Dental Care
Sally Nellessen, Nurse Director
Orchid Anglin-Pierre, Mission Flight Director
Bruce Mentone
, Mobilization Coordinator
Deanna Casanas, Youth Director
Frank Stanton, Director/Youth at Risk Outreach Program
David Diwa, Director of Pharmacy
Hatice Yavuz, Director Fundraising/Events Planner


McGhee-Neva Osse, CEO, Burrell Communication Group - Executive Director
Dr. Richard Cluck
, Mayor of Arlington, Texas/V.P. Arlington Memorial Hospital
Mrs. Betty Lidjii, V.P. Haute Couture Salon, Neiman Marcus
Ramez Elmasri, PHD, Professor, University of Arlington
Frantz Osse, Thane-Kensoff, Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Illinois
Tim Ahern, American Airlines, V.P. Airport Services
Alec Brown, Director of Student Involvement/Teens on Wings
Tina Moman, Retired General Manager American Airlines, New Orleans/San Diego
Freda Porter, Retired American Airlines

We raise our voices in praise, harmonizing with the “tapestry of life” from cultures across the globe, our appreciation for the support and efforts of Medical Wings Internationl’s partners:

American Airlines
Air France
British Airways
Arlington Goodwill
Burrell Communications Group

Mayor Robert Cluck
Map International
Hilton Hotels
Lions Club
Office Depot
Univision TV
Kroger Foods

Rotary Club
Neiman Marcus
Project Cure
William Dise
The Late Renee Y. Baker,
AA Admiral’s Club,
Hatsfield Atlanta Airport

We acknowledge with our heartfelt gratitude to our benefactors, supporters, and volunteers who have generously contributed their resources, time, and energy turning compassion into action.

Since it’s inception in 1998, Medical Wings International operational limited annually budget has been based on charitable contributions. We are supported by membership applicants and donations from the general public. Our greatest needs are to seek sponsorship to continue our critical work throughout the world as “Global Healthcare Ambassadors.”

To become a sponsor contact us at
If you desire to donate to a specific country or mission please let us know.

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